The making of our clothes

How are our tie dyed clothes made?


There is a lot of hand work going on for each of our products. That is why every piece is unique. So that you get an idea of ​​our work, which is behind each product, before you can wear it with pride, we will briefly explain what we do.



Each of our products has already been pre-washed by us and so that most of the dye is washed out already, so you can easily wear the clothes immediately after they arrive at your doorstep.

Nevertheless, we recommend to wash a colour catch cloth with the first wash, which we enclose with every order.


Step 1 - selection of raw material

Choosing the right raw material. When selecting our basic materials, we have defined our own standards for B·WARNA. We choose the starting products based on sustainability, quality and fit. We only include something new to our range if a product fulfills all of these criteria.


Step 2 - colouring

For each piece of clothing, we come up with our own style of colouring first. Each part is individually rolled up, folded, rotated and prepared to be coloured by hand. We then dye the garment by hand. Now every product has to be airproof sealed for 24 hours so that the colours can interact with the material.


Step 3 - washing and drying

After the colours have interacted with the material for 24 hours, each product can be briefly washed out individually before it is then pre-washed in the machine for you and dried on a clothesline


Step 4 - screen printing and drying

Now that your product has dried, we can affectionately apply our B·WARNA logo to every item of clothing. Now we let the logo dry again for up to 3 days and then seal it with an iron inside out. 


Step 5 - shipping

So that you hold your lovingly put together garment in your hands, we pack it and send it to you as soon as possible.


Step 6 - wearing by you

We’ve done our work, now it's your turn. Wear your B·WARNA product with passion and pride and be part of our B·WARNA story. Send our message out into the world. Share your photos on social media under the hashtag #bwarna_official, give us feedback and help us spread the message!

We are happy if we can make you happy!


As you can see, we put a lot of time and loving manual work into each of our B·WARNA products.

We hope to be able to accompany you with B·WARNA through many beautiful moments of your life!


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