The Story behind our 1. Collection - SATU

What did we think about our 1st collection?

We called our 1st collection SATU, which is Indonesian for ONE.

Nature around us inspired us to choose the colours for our SATU collection.

Our nature offers us so many bright colours. Often it is enough to pause for a moment and open your eyes wide open. Just give it a try yourself. In our stressful everyday life we are surrounded by mobile phones, social media and get distracted, so we forget that too often!


We used the following colours for our 1st collection SATU:


Shades of blue reminiscent of the sky or the water in the ocean. Where we live is a lake called Chiemsee, which is known to be the Bavarian Ocean. Since we live close to the lake, this is of course one of our favorite places to be.


The brown colour reflects our valuable fertile soil. It also stands for the endless beaches that are spread all over the world.


No matter how many people you ask what colour the sun is, you will always get the same answer: yellow. Actually funny, because when we look at the sun it blinds us so much that we cannot say that exactly. Secondly for us, the sun is one of the most important elements, whether for our flora, the animal world or us humans for our good mood every day.


Pink is not only the favorite color of most girls, but also the perfect color to make really nice clothes. For our pink shades, we have oriented ourselves to different flowers, roses or orchids.


All of our names for the SATU collection are Indonesian.

You can find out what we thought of each individual piece of clothing, why exactly this name, what story behind it and why we used exactly these colours in the product description of the respective product.


We recorded our 1st collection with friends and family who are very close to us and support us and our project.

We all had a nice and fun day!

Thanks again everyone! 


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