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What is B·WARNA?

With B·WARNA we have created a brand that conveys the lifestyle of lust for life, creativity and uniqueness. When choosing clothing, we pay as much attention as possible to sustainable, ecological and biological origins. We dye each of our clothes, accessories etc. by hand. The colourful and unique style brings colour to your life. Each of our products should be a faithful companion through your day and make you shine. Since each of our products are made by hand, every piece is just as unique as you are.  


The origin of the name B·WARNA is from the Indonesian word "berwarna" which means coloured/colourful. The short version "warna" stands for colour. As Indonesia, most particularly the island of Java, is the area where the original batik technique (selected areas of the cloth are blocked out by brushing or drawing hot wax over them, and the cloth is then dyed) has reached the greatest peak of accomplishment.

We think that colourful clothing and the name BERWARNA go perfectly together, as well as the red rose on Valentine's Day. So that’s why we pronounce our company name B·WARNA – BERWARNA. We chose this short version because we let everyone's creativity run free here. For us, B·WARNA is not just a abbreviation for BERWARNA, the B could also stand for Bavaria, Batik or whatever you would choose.

To find out more about our 1st collection "SATU" and the colour selection, click here. 

Who is behind B·WARNA?

We are the people behind B·WARNA: Sabrina and Peter 

We both come from the beautiful Chiemgau/Bavaria. We both grew up and we live here together.

Sabrina is the pretty and creative part - Peter is responsible for the tough parts and the good vibe. 

We are both happy people and we just love traveling. We love getting to know new cultures and countries and above all, gaining new impressions. One thing is top priority for us: make your life happy and colourful! That is exactly what we want to implement with our small company.


We like to wear unique and colourful clothing in our spare time, and we value sustainability and quality. Because there was nothing just like that for us to buy, we started to dye our own clothes. Due to increasingly frequent inquiries from friends and strangers about where to buy these clothes, we decided to found B·WARNA.  Together we want to express our lust for life and the collected impressions of our trips in our individual, handcrafted clothing.

Become part of our B·WARNA world!  


With B·WARNA you will definitely be an eye-catcher and by the way do something good for our environment.


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